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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins My Review: Unlike the first book in this series I found I was able to read this book much faster. And although she recounts several key elements of the story from the first book in this one (in case for some reason you are choosing to skip the first book and start in the middle, which I never recommend when reading a trilogy) it doesn’t seem repetitive at all.

The book begins only a few weeks (at the most) from where the first book ends. A bit of a non-spoiler here, but all of those we’d consider “main characters” live so they are all recurring in this book. Of course there are Hunger Games in this book, with a bit extra since this happens to be the 75th anniversary of said games! At every quarter mark (called the Quarter Quell) there is a little more excitement as to what happens during the games. At the 50th anniversary, there were double the amount of tributes sent into the games. If you thought 23 deaths were bad (with one survivor) imagine how well 47 deaths were? And the winner of that year just so happens to be the mentor for both Katniss and Peeta (our main characters and one sided love birds).

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