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The Magician  - Michael Scott My Review: This review comes much later. I know I must write these as soon as I finish reading the book, to make sure it is still fresh in my mind. This second book in the 6 book series is written the same way the first one is which, in this case, is a good thing. Why? Because whenever a book such as this decides to take on a lot of historical facts and ideas I appreciate being reminded of certain things. I’ll admit I have terrible short term memory so I don’t complain that a book is “repetitive” especially if it’s full of so much that needs to be remembered. Nothing is unnecessarily put it or oddly left out. I also appreciate that every scene and every character is important to the continuity of the book(s).

If you like myths and legends and making them seem more human, this is a good series. I’m only on the 3rd book now that I’ve finished this one and I have not been disappointed yet. I’d love to tell more specifics but even that would ruin it.

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