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The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins My Review: If you’re delving into this series after having read the Harry Potter 7 book series, allow me to warn you now, Katniss is no Harry and Suzanne Collins is no J.K. Rowling! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, on it’s own, comparing it to no other character defining or author series (of the young adult variety) this book has the potential to be great. Unfortunately, many who read this series will be coming from the Harry Potter era. I’m one of those who inhaled that series, therefore anything that I read after it will automatically be compared and will ultimately fail. But don’t worry! This first installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy has it’s moments of brilliance, surprise, and lessons learned. The triple threat any really good young adult book should have throughout.

Suzanne’s skill in this book are her character descriptions. She leaves very little room for you to fill in the edges on what you’ll have them look like in your head. If you’re anything like me, I appreciate visuals. If I can see the description then we’re off to a good start. She gives a good balance of dialogue to description.

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