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The Trial -  Franz Kafka My Review: I had several reasons for wanting to read this book, besides always wanting to read a book written by Franz Kafka, I’ve seen the movie of The Trial and want to compare them to each other. If you’ve ever seen an Orson Welles movie you will understand how intrigued I was to see if what Orson visualized was, in fact, what Franz wrote down? I am pleased to report the strangeness of Orson Welles adaptation of The Trial appears to be spot on when it comes to peculiarities.

You must first understand that The Trial was originally written in German, printed in 1925, and translated dozens of time. A lot of the authors original intent for their piece of work can get lost when it’s been translated as many times as this masterpiece has been. For the sake of not knowing anything about Kafka and his works I did read the LONG introduction that came along with the book. It’s not required in order to read The Trial but it was helpful. For instance, the fact that the chapters have no numbers, just titles, because one of the main mix-ups with the many hands this work passed through is it lost the order with which it was intended to be presented in. It also was never actually finished by Kafka! This shocked me the most since it is known (next to Metamorphosis) as the best thing he’s ever written.

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